Covid 19 Safety Plan

Visit our Covid 19 Safety Plan as registered with the Government of BC and the Vancouver Island Health Authority.

The current Food and Liquor Serving Premises Order is in place until January 31, 2022. Patrons (12 years of age and older) must show their proof of vaccination before being served at a restaurant with table service.

Proof of Vaccination
· From September 13th to October 23rd, one vaccine dose is required for all patrons 12 years and older.
· As of October 24th, two vaccine doses are required for all patrons 12 years and older.
· Proof of vaccination is by vaccine card – a printed paper copy or electronic record of the QR code issued by the BC government and showing the name of the holder, or by another electronic or printed record issued by the Government of Canada or a provincial government within Canada.
· Adults (18 years and older) must also show government issued photo ID (e.g. BC Services Card, Canadian provincial driver’s license, certificate of Indian Status, national passport) along with their proof of vaccination. 
· Youth 12 to 17 years of age must show their proof of vaccination only (no photo ID).
· To verify BC proof of vaccination, an operator/event organizer may either use the BC Vaccine Card Verifier App (free download) to scan the QR code on the vaccine card or paper record, or may perform visual verification.  For those over 18, check that the card name matches ID shown.